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Unpaid Internships in Ohio

Unpaid internships are a common way for students to gain work experience, learn about their prospective career choice, and gain school credit. However, there are certain requirements that must be met under Ohio and federal law in order for an employe… Read More
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Overtime Laws in Ohio

Both Ohio and the federal government have strict overtime laws in place that help to ensure workers are paid for all the time they’ve put in at their jobs. Significantly, these statutes were designed to protect workers from employers taking advanta… Read More
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Ohio Laws for Tipped Employees

Many different types of employees in the service industries receive tips as part of their compensation, including waiters, waitresses, bartenders, cleaning staff, delivery drivers, bellhops, bussers, and others. If you’re a tipped employee, it’s… Read More
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Common Wage and Hour Violations

Under both Ohio and federal law, workers are entitled to a fair wage — and all the compensation they’ve earned. Unfortunately, wage and hour violations happen all too often in the workplace. While there are many types of these violations, some ar… Read More
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Text sign showing hand written words Overtime pay - unpaid overtime wages concept

What to Do if Your Employer is Not Paying Your Overtime

You work hard to earn a living and deserve to be paid for all the time you’ve worked — including your overtime hours. If your employer fails to pay your overtime wages, you could be losing a substantial amount of compensation to which you are ent… Read More
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What is a Tip Credit?

Many workers in Ohio earn a large portion of their wages through gratuities. But just because an employee receives tips doesn’t mean that their employers aren’t required to pay them fairly. While employers are permitted to apply a “tip credit… Read More
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close up of worker punching a time clock - Time clock rounding concept

Is Time Clock Rounding Allowed in Ohio?

You work hard and deserve to be paid for the full amount of time you work. Unfortunately, some employers engage in unscrupulous tactics to avoid paying workers the wages they are lawfully entitled. For instance, improper time clock rounding when done… Read More
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Little businessman holding scissors to cut money bag in giant hand - what is wage theft concept?

What is Wage Theft?

You work hard for a living and deserve the wages you have earned. Unfortunately, wage theft is all too common in Ohio — and it affects thousands of employees throughout the state every year. Wage theft can occur in many different industries, rangin… Read More
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