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Can Sexual Harassment Happen at a Remote Job?

Sexual harassment is a serious issue in the workplace and employers have a duty to prevent it, regardless of whether employees work in an office space or remotely. Unfortunately, new forms of technology have enabled problematic workplace behavior. Ev… Read More
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Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable?

Many employers ask employees to sign non-compete agreements to prevent them from working for competing companies during or after their employment. These types of contracts can have a significant impact on a worker’s ability to move forward in their… Read More
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Common Wage and Hour Violations

Under both Ohio and federal law, workers are entitled to a fair wage — and all the compensation they’ve earned. Unfortunately, wage and hour violations happen all too often in the workplace. While there are many types of these violations, some ar… Read More
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What to Know About Filing a Sexual Harassment Claim

Sexual harassment is a major issue in the workplace that can impact you emotionally, physically, and financially. It is illegal under both Ohio state law and federal law — and it’s important for a victim to take legal action to hold the harasser… Read More
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Chris Lalak Quoted in "How the legalization of recreational marijuana impacts employers and employees"

Issue 2, which legalizes recreational marijuana, has officially become law, but it doesn’t mean it comes without obstacles. As a citizen-initiated statute, the legislature is free to make provisions on it. Aside from the legal fate of the legislati… Read More
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FMLA Family Medical Leave Act, the text is written in a notebook, next to a pen, a disposable medical mask and a laptop on a linen background - fmla vs ada concept

FMLA vs. ADA: Understanding the Differences

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are two federal laws that protect workers. Importantly, employees with disabilities or serious health conditions should have a basic understanding of both — and be aw… Read More
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Text sign showing hand written words Overtime pay - unpaid overtime wages concept

What to Do if Your Employer is Not Paying Your Overtime

You work hard to earn a living and deserve to be paid for all the time you’ve worked — including your overtime hours. If your employer fails to pay your overtime wages, you could be losing a substantial amount of compensation to which you are ent… Read More
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Man filling out an employment agreement contract - types of employment contracts concept

Understanding the Different Types of Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are commonly used in companies to outline the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of the employees and employer. However, there are a variety of contracts that can be used, depending on the specific employment situation. Ea… Read More
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Two businesspeople standing face to face - mediation in employment disputes concept

Should I Mediate a Dispute with My Employer?

It’s not uncommon for disputes to arise between employees and employers. Whether the conflict involves a wage issue, poor working conditions, age discrimination, sexual harassment, or another employment law matter, you might be wondering whether yo… Read More
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What is a Tip Credit?

Many workers in Ohio earn a large portion of their wages through gratuities. But just because an employee receives tips doesn’t mean that their employers aren’t required to pay them fairly. While employers are permitted to apply a “tip credit… Read More
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