It is impossible to say everything I feel in a short online review. Atty. Lalak took on my case when everyone else told me I didn't have one. After working at my former place of employment for over 30 years, the circumstances of my case left me very emotional and unsure about my future. But Atty. Lalak and Emily were there for me every step of the way. They were my shoulder to cry on, encouragers, compassionate, patient. They answered endless questions I had about everything under the sun. I cannot even describe how amazing Atty. Lalak has been in his interactions with me, his approach and focus on the facts of the case and, ultimately, delivering exactly what I told him I hoped to get out of the lawsuit. I never one time felt like just 'another case' and always felt how much Atty. Lalak and Emily genuinely cared about me and my case. I will forever be grateful for everything they have done for me and getting me my future back.