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Age discrimination in the workplace is illegal under the Ohio Revised Code, the Ohio Equal Pay Act, and the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). These laws prohibit employment discrimination against people 40 years of age or older and protect workers over 40 against discrimination in matters related to hiring, training, benefits, compensation promotion, firing, layoffs, and other terms of employment.

If you believe you suffered an adverse employment action because of age discrimination, you might be entitled to compensation, including back pay, front pay, liquidated damages, and attorney’s fees. Lalak LLC proudly represents workers who were discriminated against because of their age and will evaluate your case, provide legal advice, and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Types of Age Discrimination

State and federal law make it illegal to discriminate against an employee based on their age. While some cases of age discrimination are very clear, many are more subtle. Common examples of prohibited age discrimination include:

  • Forcing older workers to take early retirement
  • Age-based discrimination in advertisements for available positions, the application process, or interviews
  • Discriminating against older workers when reducing staff size
  • Retaliating against workers for filing, testifying about, or participating in a claim against an employer
  • Denying benefits to older workers

Lalak LLC has extensive experience representing workers who have been discriminated against because of their age. Led by founding attorney Chris Lalak, Lalak LLC represents people in employment discrimination proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and in state and federal court. Attorney Lalak has extensive knowledge of Ohio and federal employment law, and he knows what it takes to win.

How to Prove Age Discrimination

To win an age discrimination case, an employee generally must show:

  1. They were older than 40;
  2. They suffered an adverse employment action (such as being fired, demoted, or forced into retirement);
  3. They were qualified for the job and met their employer’s legitimate expectations; and
  4. They were replaced by someone substantially younger, or they their termination allowed the employer to retain someone substantially younger; and
  5. That the employer’s stated reason for their termination was, in reality, a false reason and that age discrimination was the true reason for the termination

If you believe you have suffered an adverse employment action due to age discrimination, Lalak LLC can help.

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Employees and job applicants have the right to be free from discrimination in hiring, firing, benefits, training, promotions, compensation, and other aspects of the employment relationship. If you have suffered an adverse employment action and believe it was due to age discrimination, the age discrimination attorney team at Lalak LLC can help. Contact us today to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your situation with an age discrimination attorney.