A non-compete clause - non compete agreements enforceable concept

Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable?

Many employers ask employees to sign non-compete agreements to prevent them from working for competing companies during or after their employment. These types of contracts can have a significant impact on a worker’s ability to move forward in their… Read More
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glass jar labeled

What is a Tip Credit?

Many workers in Ohio earn a large portion of their wages through gratuities. But just because an employee receives tips doesn’t mean that their employers aren’t required to pay them fairly. While employers are permitted to apply a “tip credit… Read More
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Male African American office worker looking distressed in the foreground as business man talks to business woman in the background - witnessing discrimination concept

Steps to Take After Witnessing Discrimination in the Workplace

Workplace discrimination is illegal under both Ohio and federal law — and employees are often encouraged to report violations that they have experienced or witnessed. While there are many ways it can occur, workplace discrimination can be broadly d… Read More
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close up of worker punching a time clock - Time clock rounding concept

Is Time Clock Rounding Allowed in Ohio?

You work hard and deserve to be paid for the full amount of time you work. Unfortunately, some employers engage in unscrupulous tactics to avoid paying workers the wages they are lawfully entitled. For instance, improper time clock rounding when done… Read More
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Someone filling out Severance Agreement - Severance agreement review concept

Should I Have an Attorney Review My Severance Agreement?

Severance agreements are often presented to employees when they are terminated from their employment or facing a company-wide layoff. In these instances, compensation may be offered in exchange for waiving other rights the employee may have had — s… Read More
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An older businesswoman using a tablet and smartphone - age discrimination in the workplace concept

What Constitutes Age Discrimination in the Workplace?

Due to increased longevity, financial need, and changing social norms, individuals are remaining in the workforce longer than ever before. Unfortunately, age discrimination in the workplace is all too common an occurrence. If you are a worker over th… Read More
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pregnant woman is working on computer laptop - pregnant workers fairness act concept

What You Should Know About the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

If you are pregnant or recently gave birth, you may require certain changes to your work environment in order to carry out your job-related tasks. Significantly, your employer may be required to provide you with a “reasonable accommodation” under… Read More
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A silhouette blowing in a whistle - whistleblower protection act concept

What to Know About the Ohio Whistleblower Protection Act

Illegal activity in the workplace can not only harm an employee’s career, but it can also potentially leave them exposed to incurring criminal liability. If you have learned during the course of your employment that your employer has engaged in ill… Read More
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Little businessman holding scissors to cut money bag in giant hand - what is wage theft concept?

What is Wage Theft?

You work hard for a living and deserve the wages you have earned. Unfortunately, wage theft is all too common in Ohio — and it affects thousands of employees throughout the state every year. Wage theft can occur in many different industries, rangin… Read More
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FMLA family medical leave act concept

An Employee’s Guide to FMLA

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that applies across all fifty states, including Ohio. Under the Act, eligible employees are entitled to take a certain amount of unpaid leave each year for specific reasons. Upon returning to w… Read More
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