Businessman use magnifying glass with a checklist on clipboard - fcra background check concept

Employment Background Checks and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

The law places stringent requirements on employers who use background and credit checks for employment purposes. Whether an employer is conducting a background check for hiring purposes or to help maintain a safe working environment, the federal Fair… Read More
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Retaliation claim lying on the desk with gavel - workplace retaliation concept

What is Workplace Retaliation and How to Address It

Instances of retaliation in the workplace are not uncommon, and it can come in many different forms. Under both Ohio and federal law, an employer may not retaliate against an employee for reporting discrimination, filing a complaint about harassment,… Read More
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Hands using a digital tablet computer with internship concept on screen over business desk - unpaid internships concept

Unpaid Internships in Ohio

Unpaid internships are a common way for students to gain work experience, learn about their prospective career choice, and gain school credit. However, there are certain requirements that must be met under Ohio and federal law in order for an employe… Read More
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Vector of two managers with magnifying glass watching over a employee working at his desk on computer - employee privacy rights concept

Employee Privacy Rights in the Digital Age

With the rise of digital communications, social media, and technology, the landscape of the workplace has changed. While employees might think they are protected by passwords or electronic lockboxes — employers can still search through company comp… Read More
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vector image of a clock with stacks of coins around it - ohio overtime law concept

Overtime Laws in Ohio

Both Ohio and the federal government have strict overtime laws in place that help to ensure workers are paid for all the time they’ve put in at their jobs. Significantly, these statutes were designed to protect workers from employers taking advanta… Read More
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Employment contract - employment contract negotiation concept

The Do’s and Don’ts of Negotiating Employment Contracts

Employees are often asked to sign a contract with their employer at the beginning of the employment relationship. But it’s important to understand that you don’t have to execute a written contract without knowing what you are agreeing to — you… Read More
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Guest check with Cash and Coins - ohio tip laws concept

Ohio Laws for Tipped Employees

Many different types of employees in the service industries receive tips as part of their compensation, including waiters, waitresses, bartenders, cleaning staff, delivery drivers, bellhops, bussers, and others. If you’re a tipped employee, it’s… Read More
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Happy businesswoman in wheelchair having fun with service dog who is giving her paw - can i bring my service dog to work concept

Can I Bring My Service Dog to Work?

A service dog can play a crucial role in the daily life of a person with a disability. These animals are specially trained to assist a person with their daily tasks and have full public access. Importantly, people with disabilities may also require t… Read More
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Closeup of Marijuana plant - marijuana legalization concept

What Does the Legalization of Marijuana Mean for Employees?

In November 2023, Ohio legalized the use of recreational marijuana, becoming the 24th state in the nation to do so. While the law does not yet contain anti-discrimination or employment protection provisions for workers, it’s important for employees… Read More
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home office workspace - harassment remote work concept

Can Sexual Harassment Happen at a Remote Job?

Sexual harassment is a serious issue in the workplace and employers have a duty to prevent it, regardless of whether employees work in an office space or remotely. Unfortunately, new forms of technology have enabled problematic workplace behavior. Ev… Read More
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